At my clinic I address problems related to the pelvic floor in six main areas:

Urinary Stress Incontinence (wetting)

Urinary frequency with urgency (needing to go a lot)

Bowel function problems


Sexual dysfunction


Post operative rehabilitation

While treating these problems I take a holistic approach and address associated health concerns that are often also present, including menopause, endometriosis, and other health, body and life issues.

This is information all women should know, but is a topic often not freely discussed.

Many women say they wish they had come years earlier for treatment, information and support they could not find elsewhere.

Often women have tried to do pelvic floor exercises but have not known if they were doing it right, or how many, how often, for how long, how to progress, how to maintain - or just how.

Surgery will not strengthen your pelvic floor muscles. This is something you must do yourself - whether you do or don’t have pelvic floor surgery.

I have been working in women’s health in private practice in Hamilton since 1991, exclusively addressing the problems women have with their pelvic floor muscles. I hold a Diploma of Physiotherapy (Otago, 1977) and a Post Graduate Diploma (Auckland, 1994) in Women’s Health (uro-gynae).

Make a decision today to regain control of your central core. My rooms are friendly, non-threatening, relaxed and private. They are a place where women can address their most personal body problems.

I look forward to helping you.

Sincerely, Brenda

Brenda Holloway
Women's Physiotherapist

113 Rostrevor Street
Hamilton 3204
New Zealand

Ph (021) 234-5973


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Become informed and take the proactive, non invasive, supportive approach to regaining control of your most intimate body functions."