If there is anything more private than having a bladder problem, it is having a bowel problem.

Bowels are talked about even less than bladders. Difficulty in emptying the bowel is not uncommon. Most people like to empty their bowels first thing the morning in the privacy of their own toilet. They do not like to share their sounds or smells .

This means that if defecation is not regular in the morning, it may be many hours before the privacy of the home toilet can be reached.

Bowels are very fickle. They do not like holidays, different food, change in routine, or different toilets. How often has a holiday been spoilt by irregular bowel habits, a feeling of distension, bloating and constipation?

Bowel problems include

decreased flatus control

rectal soiling

fecal incontinence


difficulty initiating bowel emptying

incomplete bowel emptying

If the pelvic floor muscles have been strained, stretched or neglected, these bowel problems can be much worse. The symptoms can be very compromising and have a huge effect on confidence and self esteem.

Along with strengthening the pelvic floor muscles, the correct defecation technique often needs to be taught and strategies to keep the bowels regular employed.

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