Endometriosis is one of the most common causes of pelvic pain and infertility in women. It is a condition in which the endometrium grows outside the uterus, causing scarring, pain, and heavy bleeding. It often damages the fallopian tubes and ovaries in the process. It affects one in five women.

This often painful and compromising condition tends to cause sufferers to have a negative attitude towards the "problem" part of their body. Getting to know and understand you pelvic floor can help maximise your pelvic floor function and allow you to be proactive in your pelvic floor management.

While 38 per cent of women have pelvic floor dysfunction, 20 per cent have endometriosis, so there is a large proportion of women who suffer from a combined invasion to their quality of life.

At my clinic there is a large emphasis on education, understanding and proactive changes that can help minimise the symptoms that are experienced.

While endometriosis cannot be cured by physiotherapy, the symptoms of urogenital drag, pelvic engorgement, discomfort during intercourse or inability to wear tampons are some of the symptoms that can be greatly alleviated.

Alongside this increase in pelvic floor ownership, there can sometimes be a need for referral to a gynaecologist for surgical advice.

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