At the age of 35 I was diagnosed with a prolapse of my cervix, bladder and rectum into my vagina - after the birth of my second baby.

The specialist I saw told me my only option was to wait 10-15 years for surgery given my age.

I am fortunate not to suffer from any incontinence or constipation as a result of my prolapse but had a constant dragging feeling and emotionally overwhelmed with the prospect of living with this for another 10 years. I tried a ring pessary but it didn't help so discarded it.

Through an acquaintance at work I found out that physiotherapy is a treatment. I was very lucky to stumble on this information as my prolapse isn't something I choose to talk about much because it makes me feel uncomfortable.

I started seeing Brenda Holloway and noticed a big difference within 2-3 weeks. I no longer have the dragging sensation and even though I will possible still need surgery - the treatment with Brenda has meant I have a quality of life I despaired I wouldn't have and it also gives me a good basis for when I do have surgery, with strengthened pelvic floor muscles.

Having spoken to a few women since seeing Brenda and having such good results I was surprised to hear the number of women who have a prolapse and live with it without realizing there is a nonsurgical treatment to improve quality of life. I find this sad and am angry I wasn't told of this treatment at my specialist visits and have now ensured my doctor knows this service is available.

Many thanks.


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