Sexual dysfunction

Sexual dysfunction is a subject that is easier for some women to accept than to talk about. This is because these issues are extremely private, often tearfully frustrating and just too hard to deal with. And where can they go and who can they talk to?

Problems of a sexual nature include:

Decreased sexual sensation

Vaginal wind

Inability to insert tampons

Inability to retain tampons comfortable

Pain on vaginal penetration

Inability to accommodate vaginal penetration




These problems can be very difficult to deal with and can cause stress in a relationship.

This can lead to a huge compromise to the quality of life - often with associated frustrating depression and decreased self-esteem.

However increasing a woman's pelvic floor muscle strength can play a large part in increasing sexual sensation for both partners.

Women often accept decreased sexual sensation as inevitable following pregnancy and labour. In fact many never stop to question how it used to feel, how good it is now, how they'd like it to be or how to improve it.

They just assume that "this is it". Childbirth and ageing, being too busy, too tired, more interested in a book or would rather go straight to sleep, are among the excuses women offer rather than addressing the issue.

Decreased sexual sensation can inhibit sexual interest, which can have an effect on a relationship. On the other hand, when this intimate part of a woman's body is understood and proactive ownership undertaken, it usually leads to an awakening of sexuality and a general feeling of wellbeing.

There are many factors that contribute to weakened pelvic floor muscles and consequently decreased sexual sensation. Some of them cannot be changed. Neglect of any muscle leads to weakness.

The stronger and bulkier the pelvic floor muscles are, the more vaginal stretch is experienced during penetration and clitoral contact is increased.

It is interesting to note the increased number of women addressing their sexual concerns, who have just ended a long term relationship or have just formed a new one. Suddenly their sexual performance and abilities, or lack of, are questioned instead of being taken for granted and accepted, and there is a desire for improvement.

These are very common problems that should not be ignored.

The pelvic floor muscles are responsible for a woman's most intimate body function. And it is never too late to seek help.

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