The symptoms of pelvic floor dysfunction are not usually singular.

Urinary stress incontinence (wetting on exertion eg. run, jump, laugh, cough, sneeze).

Urinary frequency often with urgency and nocturia.

Bowel function problems (decreased flatus control, difficulty in initiating defecation, or incomplete bowel evacuation).

Urogenital prolapse (drag/heaviness often with associated backache).

Inability to wear tampons.

Sexual dysfunction (decreased sexual sensation, vestibulitis, vaginismus).


If you have any or all of these problems you are already compromising your quality of life.problem

Today’s women want optimal function prior to menopause and also from 40-70 years to participate in and enjoy a fully active life.

Women need to understand the importance of the pelvic floor. They need to know what to do and what not to do. The factors which have led to the dysfunction will continue to do so if not eliminated.

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